Showcase Your Talent With World-Class Demos

To get work, you need a demo. To make a demo, you need previous work, right?

Nope. You only need the gift of your voice, and some direction, and a coach who will send your produced demos to agencies worldwide.

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How It Works

We get acquainted, and together we determine your strengths and goals. You'll read scripts written just for you, crafted according to your style, personality, and passions. You'll receive intensive, patient one-on-one coaching as you record 5 or 6 segments for your demo. Each segment is carefully produced with the most contemporary music beds and sound effects, for a slick "broadcast network quality" demo.

Why Choose Us

Why? How? Because most of the VO companies out there want to charge you from $3500.00 to $5000.00 to do the same thing. And before you even record a demo, they want hundreds of dollars for "coaching" because "you're not ready for a demo." That's cost-prohibitive and just wrong. Really, there's no reason you can't be auditioning and making money right now, and you should be. That's how you develop your talent. I promise you, and there are plenty of opportunities.

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Tommy has coached hundreds of Voice Actors at every level, directed and produced their demos, including these aspiring talents.

View Our Lucrative Packages

$99 Intro Session is for first time clients. Every dollar spent from the $99 through the $375 all goes towards the full package of $2975. Everyone is at different levels in their career and custom packages can be created to fit your needs. We will never say no to individual customized packages. Contact us to create a plan.