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Personalized Voice Coaching With Tommy Griffiths

Tommy’s personalized one-on-one coaching style assists voice actors, newscasters, sports stars, and media influencers in improving their voices to be more clear, dynamic, and persuasive.

He teaches aspiring voiceover talent everything they need to become working voice actors, including enhancing performance skills, setting up a home studio, improving technical and editing skills, producing your demos, marketing, auditioning techniques and finding voiceover work.

Your demos are written for you personally to showcase your strengths, style, and vocal range, then brilliantly produced and sent to several voiceover Agencies like Who Did That Media, and BrabenderCox, for consideration.

Several Coaching packages are available and can be customized to your needs.

Setting Attainable Goals for Success

In order to move forward and achieve success, it is crucial to set clear and attainable goals. Together, we will work on establishing realistic goals that will guide us on the path to success. Meeting these goals will be a key indicator of progress and achievement in your journey towards mastering your craft.

Navigating a Coaching Session With Expert Guidance

During our coaching sessions, we will work together either in person at my studio or remotely using the platform Zoom. This allows for a personalized and interactive experience where I can provide guidance on script analysis, performance techniques, auditions, online profiles, editing skills, and enhancing the sound quality of your recordings. Through vocal exercises, discussions on marketing strategies, and other tailored approaches, we will focus on preparing you for demos that showcase your skills effectively. By reviewing your performances, analyzing improvements, and identifying areas of growth, we will work towards refining your delivery and selecting material that highlights your strengths. Ultimately, our goal is to ensure that you are demo-ready and equipped to excel in the competitive world of voice acting.

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View Our Lucrative Packages

$99 Intro Session is for first time clients. Every dollar spent from the $99 through the $350 all goes towards the full package of $2975. Everyone is at different levels in their career and custom packages can be created to fit your needs. We will never say no to individual customized packages. Contact us to create a plan.

What Others Have Said


Roger P.
72 reviews
48d ago

Tommy is great to work with! He's extremely knowledgeable about the business and has a wealth of experience to share. Great at instruction and feedback. He has a more casual style that works well for me as a newb to VO.

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Tommy did a wonderful job. He was able to communicate what I needed and how to help me get there. He shared plenty of tips and exercises to help me not only with lessons, but also moving forward in my career in voice over.

Stephen C.

Working with Tommy was a pleasure. Entering this new and exciting Voice Over career was a bit scary for me, but Tommy made me feel confident that with him leading the way, I would be successful. With his guidance and a lot of patience throughout this journey, I look forward to a fulfilling and prosperous career. I would highly recommend his teachings to anyone seeking a career in Voice Over.

Paula G

I don't think that I can precisely say how thankful I am to have Tommy as a Voice Over Coach.

He's been patient, understanding and has provided me with a wealth of knowledge. He has given me inspiration and immense encouragement despite my own shortcomings and disbelief in myself. I've learned so much and my confidence has strengthen as our sessions have progressed.

I couldn't have imagined taking this journey with someone else. I'm beyond grateful to have met him and always look forward to our sessions.

Toma H.

Tommy really cares about your success as a voice actor. He has decades of experience in the industry and has a wealth of knowledge to share and does so willingly. Talked to other coaches and they were more keen to just book the sessions whereas with Tommy, I really felt like he cared more about making sure we were a good fit and was open about making sure I had a good chance to progress and succeed. On top of that he has various connections to help get you started in the industry. I would highly highly recommend Tommy Griffiths for all your voice coaching needs.

Michael S.