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OBX, North Carolina

Voiceovers, Demos and VO Coaching

Tommy Griffiths is a highly acclaimed voice actor, renowned for his exceptional skills in voice acting, producing VO demos, and coaching aspiring voiceover artists.

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"I promise you this: You won't get a more professionally produced, better-sounding demo than the one we'll produce together, and you won't find a better price."
Tommy Griffiths

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Are you interested in voice audio production, but not sure where to start? Our intro session is perfect for beginners looking to learn more about the process and how to improve their skills. During this session, we will chat about your goals and get to know each other, setting the foundation for a successful voice production journey.

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Ready to take your vocal skills to the next level? Our full sessions offer 1 hour of intensive training where we focus on developing your vocal instrument and helping you grow as a voice artist. Whether you're a beginner or looking to refine your skills, these sessions will help you reach your full potential and improve your voice production abilities.

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Looking to kick-start your career in voice acting or audio production? Our package includes nine sessions dedicated to creating six professional demos that will get you job-ready. By the end of the program, you will be well-prepared to take on the voice acting industry and showcase your talent to potential clients and employers.
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Dynamic and Interactive Learning

In coaching sessions with Tommy, voice talents can expect to work on script analysis, performance techniques, audition preparation, and more. Tommy provides a dynamic and interactive experience that allows for real-time feedback and improvement. By focusing on goal setting and demo preparation, Tommy helps voice talents showcase their work, attract leads, and ultimately land jobs in the competitive voiceover industry.

Tommy will also send your demos to top agencies that hire Tommy globally, including WHO DID THAT MEDIA and BRADBENDERCOX, for their consideration

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"Tommy is a GREAT voiceover teacher, demonstrates a high skill level, is knowledgeable, super easy to get along with and helped get me out of my comfort zone within the first two lessons."

-Janai B.

"Tommy was extremely encouraging and gave detailed feedback at all stages of the way. I could actually how I was improving with each session."

-Micheal W.

"Tommy is very professional and is the real deal. His knowledge and experience of voiceover is phenomenal. I would highly recommend him for your coaching needs."

-Jacob B.

"I have learned more in a single coaching session with Tommy than I have for 3 years with other voiceover coaches (I have worked with 3 different coaches before being coached by Tommy)."

-Sultan A.

"Tommy was very patient when I had personal issues to attend to and understood the importance of getting it done right, rather than (just) getting it done... You can tell from working with him that he has years of experience and knows exactly what needs to be done in order to get the best quality work possible."

-Dylan E.

"I couldn't just pick one highlight with Tommy. He helped me shake the cobwebs off and worked with me on pricing. I will be working with him again very very soon."

-Roger J.

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